If you have just bought a beautiful house and are aiming to refresh your home’s existing space, purchasing curtains are among the easiest ways to enhance the style of your home with convenience. Not only can curtains add a new look and feel to your room, but they’re also functional, too! You can also save money on them and mount them yourself, with a few tips and tricks. 

So, when you’re in the latest curtains market but you are not sure where to get started, keep on reading. We’ve got you covered with a helpful guide about how to purchase curtains that fit with your bed, furniture, and style. 

Care about your needs 

Notice where the panels will be hung and what roles they need to perform before selecting a certain type of curtain. If daylight streams in, do you bother? For the rest of the day, is the glass open to light from the sun?

If your bedroom window focuses east, for instance, every single day you’ll be treated to early morning sunlight. This is amazing… even when you want to sleep inside. In this case, blackout curtains are perfect to install in your bedroom with a built-in liner for solar safety. Not only will the curtains make the space more comfortable, but they’re also a life-changer anytime you want to sleep in for a bit longer on sleepy Friday nights!

Look for the Right Length

Put simply, in any space, floor-length shades are perfect. Exclusions may be a bathroom, or the space of an infant when drapes of floor-length can get in the way. Have all the curtains drop right as they meet the surface, or have them hang around half an inch above, for a clean look. This length is particularly desirable if you are going to open and close your shades a ton. If you want a more glamorous look, let the window panels stretch by a few centimeters beyond floor length. 

Eyelet Curtains

Apron size is a reasonable option if you need to buy short curtains for a bedroom, kitchen, or other space. Without getting to the ground, this length stays longer than the window sill. It may even have the impact of making your space look bigger. 

Hanging your curtains over the glass panel, lower to the walls, is yet another tip for making your room appear larger. It will help your windows appear bigger and contribute to making your room look larger.

Styles to choose from 

Eyelet curtains are also classified as grommets. Eyelet curtains have been the most contemporary design of standard curtains (but maybe not for rooms because black-out curtains do not fit very well with eyelets). Whether you have precision curtains, then you’ll have eyelets curtains of every size you want. Off-the-shelf enhances flexibility to also have 40 mm of eyelets like the same size. For the window coverings, find out such tips. 

A rather more conventional and systematic type of curtain holding that looks fabulous with such a nice ceiling in a Georgian, Victorian, or other houses. There is a cylindrical patch at the top of the curtain which reflects a wine glass meanwhile the pleat is capped with indulging itself. A folded hem on the ground as well as a tieback or piece of string to take the cloth back from either the window are indeed part of the theme.

Select Your Fabric 

You should pass on to the interesting part of buying curtains now that you’ve settled on the basics; choosing the right model! This means taking out texture, color, prints, or designs of cloth. 

Eyelet Curtains

In your beach-themed home, you may have fallen in love with a collection of 100% linen curtains that would appear dreamy, but cotton fabrics are also just dry clean, and so are the thicker silks and lace. If you have little kids or pets, you might want to try a washer-friendly poly cotton cloth. You can also visit here for buying eyelet curtains in the affordable prices.

It is important to keep in mind the color, print & pattern. Curtains may fit in with your furniture in some cases, but you might want them to show out or create a statement in some cases. Dark colors bring spectacular flair to every room, but if subjected to harsh sun for most of the day, darker colors may also fade. Purchasing curtain liners is a smart tip for this. They are also built into the shades themselves occasionally!

King Size Fitted sheets the no doubt the best innovation when it comes to making the king-size beds more comfortable and soft. But it all goes in vain when you accidentally buy a small or large fitted sheet for the king-size bed. As indicated by the name, fitted sheets fit tightly to the bed and do not come off. But if you try to fit the super king-size of the large fitted sheet to your king-size bed, it’ll no doubt pop up right off. Also, as the mattress gets thicker or mattress pads are added to it, fitting the sheets becomes difficult and buying becomes even tougher. So, it is necessary to measure the mattress size precisely and read the sheet labels and packaging carefully before buying the sheets. Based on the thickness of mattress pocket lengths of fitted sheets vary. So if you are considering buying the king size fitted sheet for your bed, pay attention to the following…

Size of The Mattress

Knowing the name or just casting a glance at your mattress is not enough for buying the fitted sheets. You should have the precise measurements of your mattress including the length, width, and the height of the mattress.   The length of the fitted sheet is up to 80 inches whereas the width is 80 inches. Height does not remain constant and varies accordingly. To measure the height of the mattress use an inch tape and measure straight from the highest part of the mattress & if you use a mattress pad or topper place it above the mattress and press it down to measure the total height.  If the total height is 12 to 14 inches, a deep pocket fitted sheet will be good enough. Which turns out that a regular king size fitted sheet with dimensions of 73×80×15 will be the best go-to.

Look for the high-quality fabric material

The fabric material of the fitted sheet plays a crucial part when it comes to comfort as the fitted sheets are directly in contact with the body. There come numerous fabric materials when it comes to making the bedding but not all can be used for making the fitted sheets. The fabric materials of fitted sheets must be soft, smooth, non-pilling, & durable. It should also absorb the body moisture & keep your body dry. Percale, cotton sateen, and flannel are most widely used for making the king size fitted sheets. Cotton blends and 100% Egyptian cotton fitted sheets are also the best go-to.

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Note that the choice of fabric material greatly depends on sleeping habit and body type. For instance, for a struggle sleeper, flannel or jersey cotton are too hot for sleeping as they are thermally insulated and tend to heat the body. Rather, cotton, linen, and Egyptian cotton made fitted sheets will suit their body as they are moisture absorbent and keep the body cool helping the warm and sweaty sleeper to sleep comfortably.

The quality of the fabric material is determined by the thread count and the yarn quality. A higher thread count refers to the durable and softer fitted sheet similarly the high-quality yarn increases the softness and comfort of the fitted sheets. Normally fitted sheets come with 300 to 800 thread count. A sheet having a higher thread count costs more.

Colour of the fitted sheet

Many people use the fitted sheets along with a top sheet. So the fitted sheet must have a neutral or matt shade that blends well with the interior and hide well under the top sheet. For this reason fitted sheets normally come in white, off-white, cream, and beige shades. But if you are a professional you can go for bolder shades as well and bring colour to your neutral room.

Pay attention to the Details

The details include the elastic quality of the fitted sheets. As the fitted sheets have elastic corners or elastic all around so the quality of elastic will decide either the sheet will create a snuggle fit and stay in place or not? Also, read the details written on the tag or packaging of the sheet to assure its dimensions, fabric quality, and details of the elastic material used for making the sheet.

Small double fitted sheet is a must-have when it comes to making the small double beds comfortable and crease-free. They will not only provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep but also prolong the mattress’s life. Small double fitted sheets are designed with elastic ends that help them to stay in place without slipping. They cover your mattress completely from all sides keeping it neat and tidy which leads to an increase in the lifetime of mattresses. Fitted sheets are easy to remove, wash, and replace as well. There are many reasons for buying the small double fitted sheets for your small double bed a few of them are stated above. 

If you are up to buying the small double fitted sheet, consider the following factors to make a successful purchase…

Size of small double fitted sheet:

As fitted sheets are meant to fit your mattress that is why it is necessary to have precise dimensions to make your sheets fit to the mattress. 

The dimensions of a small double fitted sheet are 4ft6in. It is worth keeping in mind that not to  buy the small fitted sheet for your small double bed because it is not likely to fit your mattress. Also, the fitted sheets shrink up to 7% after their first wash.

Choose fabric material wisely

Note all fabric materials can be used for making the fitted sheets because fitted sheets must be moisture absorbent, non-slipping and anti-pilling which not many materials are. Also, the fabric type depends on your sleeping habit. For example, if you are a sweaty sleeper, polyester and microfiber made fitted sheets should be a no because these sheets tend to warm up the body. On the contrary, these sheets will be very beneficial for the cold sleepers. Following are a few of the best fabric materials along with their benefits

Percale cotton

Percale is not a natural fabric material but made from a blend of cotton and polyester. It consists of 50% cotton and 50% polyester fibres. Therefore percale sheets offer the benefits of both cotton and polyester. They feel soft, smooth,  and comfortable offering you durability, strength, and high quality. Moreover, percale sheets tend to absorb body moisture and keep the body dry and cool at night. These sheets are recommended for the warm and sweaty sleepers. 

Washing instructions: percale sheets are easy to maintain and wash. They can be washed in the washing machine at 40°C using a gentle cycle.

Cotton sateen

Sateen is not a fabric material but a weave type of cotton fabric. It contains 100% cotton which aids natural breathing system work efficiently and adds a soft and smooth touch to the bed. Moreover, cotton sateen sheets look glamorous, appear lustrous, and feel rich. They offer a high thread count of about 300 for an added comfort and durability.

Washing instruction: easy to handle and care for. These sheets can be washed in the washing machine at 40°C using a gentle cycle.


Flannel sheets are known for their longevity, seamless finishing, and high quality. They are super soft, lustrous, and fluffy. Moreover, flannel sheets offer excellent thermal insulation which makes them favourable for the cold sleepers as well as winter season.

Washing instruction: machine washable, wash at 40°C using a gentle cycle.

Colour scheme

The colour of the fitted sheet greatly impacts the overall look of your bed. Cream, white, off white, and beige are most commonly used colours because leave a good look and look well with ever bedspread and bedding accessories. On the other hand, bold and dark-coloured fitted sheets although do not look well with all beddings but hide the stains well and reduce the washing frequency. So while choosing the sheets choose the colours wisely so that it creates an aesthetic appeal when put on.

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Thread count:

When choosing the fitted sheet for your small double bed, it is necessary to the thread count. Thread count refers to the softness and durability of the sheets. A higher thread count means that sheet will be more luxurious and durable.  The thread counts is usually written on the packing, or on the inside tag.

Curtains are worthy to invest, from both style and economic point of view. Furnishing of a house is never complete without curtains because bare windows and doors do not look good and curtains add a beautiful drapery to them. They easily become the focal point of your place. There come various types of curtains, but pencil pleat curtains stand out, not only easy maintenance but also effortless styling perspective.

Pencil pleat curtains have a characteristic heading style. This heading is versatile allowing you to customize the width of curtains, as well as the heading, is compatible both with curtain’s poles and tracks complementing all windows. In this article, we have an insight look at the benefits of pencil pleat curtains along with some trending ideas. 


Pencil pleat curtains have a tape-like heading containing three cords that run horizontally through it. These cords are pulled together and tied to achieve the desired pleats. Plus, the heading has three different positions for hooks hanging allowing you to hang the curtains from the desired height. You can also choose the hanging material of your choice because pencil pleat curtains are compatible with both curtain tracks and rod. You can open the pleats depending on your personal preferences, interior, and trending styles. It is advisable to go for the precisely sized curtains to make sure that your curtains will give you the exact look you want.


Pencil pleat curtains are ideal for all windows tracks. They can be fitted on the track and rod, suit well to box, rectangular, and bay windows. Doesn’t matter which window style you have, either it requires a bunch of pleats & a lot of fabric or just little pleats and lightweight fabric? Pencil pleat curtains create a seamless finish and opulent appeal creating a uniformly pleated fall when gathered. They really add style to the place giving a sophisticated look overall.

Pencil pleat curtains come in a wide range of fabrics and colour schemes to choose from offering you to get many different looks. For those who love simple and minimal designs, plain matt pencil pleat curtains are the best go-to whereas those who love drama & textured look printed, bold, and patterned panels are present out there. So, pencil pleat curtains allow you to spice up your interior as per your requirements and taste.

Easy Layering 

Pencil pleat curtain’s characteristic heading style blends well with layering panels, blinds, and drapes. It is a great way to spruce up the windows giving them a discrete look. Pencil pleat curtains can be bi-layered or tri-layered depending on what you need. You can go for multiple fabric panels to increase the functionality of curtains, like sheer, heavy, and blackout panels are a good go-to keeping the sheet curtains face inside, heavy in the middle, and blackout panel in the back when it comes to layering up the windows curtains. This will allow you to reduce the amount of light, filter out excess noise, create a cosy feel when all the layers are opened, on the contrary with the sheer opened panel only you can get a chic country and airy feel.

Ever trending 

Pencil pleat curtains are evergreen and never get old fashioned. As many people think that pencil pleat curtains are old fashioned when it comes to comparing with the eyelet curtains. In eyelet curtains, many metal rings are sewn inside the curtains which are hung across the curtains rod. But there’s nothing like this. Pencil pleat curtains create a contemporary appeal whether they are hung in any house, modern apartments, or hotel room. 

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Classical feel

Pencil pleat curtains create seamless pleats which bring back the old classic feel. Bro sheets elaborate themselves and become the focal point of your place drawing people’s attention. When hung appropriately they create an effortlessly beautiful look.

One cannot say that Pencil pleat curtains really go out of trend, but there can be a rise and fall in the existing trends. These curtains look formal and go well with both contemporary and classical interiors creating a traditional look and blending well with the place.