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Guide To Buying The Best Quality King Size Fitted Sheet

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King Size Fitted sheets the no doubt the best innovation when it comes to making the king-size beds more comfortable and soft. But it all goes in vain when you accidentally buy a small or large fitted sheet for the king-size bed. As indicated by the name, fitted sheets fit tightly to the bed and do not come off. But if you try to fit the super king-size of the large fitted sheet to your king-size bed, it’ll no doubt pop up right off. Also, as the mattress gets thicker or mattress pads are added to it, fitting the sheets becomes difficult and buying becomes even tougher. So, it is necessary to measure the mattress size precisely and read the sheet labels and packaging carefully before buying the sheets. Based on the thickness of mattress pocket lengths of fitted sheets vary. So if you are considering buying the king size fitted sheet for your bed, pay attention to the following…

Size of The Mattress

Knowing the name or just casting a glance at your mattress is not enough for buying the fitted sheets. You should have the precise measurements of your mattress including the length, width, and the height of the mattress.   The length of the fitted sheet is up to 80 inches whereas the width is 80 inches. Height does not remain constant and varies accordingly. To measure the height of the mattress use an inch tape and measure straight from the highest part of the mattress & if you use a mattress pad or topper place it above the mattress and press it down to measure the total height.  If the total height is 12 to 14 inches, a deep pocket fitted sheet will be good enough. Which turns out that a regular king size fitted sheet with dimensions of 73×80×15 will be the best go-to.

Look for the high-quality fabric material

The fabric material of the fitted sheet plays a crucial part when it comes to comfort as the fitted sheets are directly in contact with the body. There come numerous fabric materials when it comes to making the bedding but not all can be used for making the fitted sheets. The fabric materials of fitted sheets must be soft, smooth, non-pilling, & durable. It should also absorb the body moisture & keep your body dry. Percale, cotton sateen, and flannel are most widely used for making the king size fitted sheets. Cotton blends and 100% Egyptian cotton fitted sheets are also the best go-to.

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Note that the choice of fabric material greatly depends on sleeping habit and body type. For instance, for a struggle sleeper, flannel or jersey cotton are too hot for sleeping as they are thermally insulated and tend to heat the body. Rather, cotton, linen, and Egyptian cotton made fitted sheets will suit their body as they are moisture absorbent and keep the body cool helping the warm and sweaty sleeper to sleep comfortably.

The quality of the fabric material is determined by the thread count and the yarn quality. A higher thread count refers to the durable and softer fitted sheet similarly the high-quality yarn increases the softness and comfort of the fitted sheets. Normally fitted sheets come with 300 to 800 thread count. A sheet having a higher thread count costs more.

Colour of the fitted sheet

Many people use the fitted sheets along with a top sheet. So the fitted sheet must have a neutral or matt shade that blends well with the interior and hide well under the top sheet. For this reason fitted sheets normally come in white, off-white, cream, and beige shades. But if you are a professional you can go for bolder shades as well and bring colour to your neutral room.

Pay attention to the Details

The details include the elastic quality of the fitted sheets. As the fitted sheets have elastic corners or elastic all around so the quality of elastic will decide either the sheet will create a snuggle fit and stay in place or not? Also, read the details written on the tag or packaging of the sheet to assure its dimensions, fabric quality, and details of the elastic material used for making the sheet.

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