Small double fitted sheet is a must-have when it comes to making the small double beds comfortable and crease-free. They will not only provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep but also prolong the mattress’s life. Small double fitted sheets are designed with elastic ends that help them to stay in place without slipping. They cover your mattress completely from all sides keeping it neat and tidy which leads to an increase in the lifetime of mattresses. Fitted sheets are easy to remove, wash, and replace as well. There are many reasons for buying the small double fitted sheets for your small double bed a few of them are stated above. 

If you are up to buying the small double fitted sheet, consider the following factors to make a successful purchase…

Size of small double fitted sheet:

As fitted sheets are meant to fit your mattress that is why it is necessary to have precise dimensions to make your sheets fit to the mattress. 

The dimensions of a small double fitted sheet are 4ft6in. It is worth keeping in mind that not to  buy the small fitted sheet for your small double bed because it is not likely to fit your mattress. Also, the fitted sheets shrink up to 7% after their first wash.

Choose fabric material wisely

Note all fabric materials can be used for making the fitted sheets because fitted sheets must be moisture absorbent, non-slipping and anti-pilling which not many materials are. Also, the fabric type depends on your sleeping habit. For example, if you are a sweaty sleeper, polyester and microfiber made fitted sheets should be a no because these sheets tend to warm up the body. On the contrary, these sheets will be very beneficial for the cold sleepers. Following are a few of the best fabric materials along with their benefits

Percale cotton

Percale is not a natural fabric material but made from a blend of cotton and polyester. It consists of 50% cotton and 50% polyester fibres. Therefore percale sheets offer the benefits of both cotton and polyester. They feel soft, smooth,  and comfortable offering you durability, strength, and high quality. Moreover, percale sheets tend to absorb body moisture and keep the body dry and cool at night. These sheets are recommended for the warm and sweaty sleepers. 

Washing instructions: percale sheets are easy to maintain and wash. They can be washed in the washing machine at 40°C using a gentle cycle.

Cotton sateen

Sateen is not a fabric material but a weave type of cotton fabric. It contains 100% cotton which aids natural breathing system work efficiently and adds a soft and smooth touch to the bed. Moreover, cotton sateen sheets look glamorous, appear lustrous, and feel rich. They offer a high thread count of about 300 for an added comfort and durability.

Washing instruction: easy to handle and care for. These sheets can be washed in the washing machine at 40°C using a gentle cycle.


Flannel sheets are known for their longevity, seamless finishing, and high quality. They are super soft, lustrous, and fluffy. Moreover, flannel sheets offer excellent thermal insulation which makes them favourable for the cold sleepers as well as winter season.

Washing instruction: machine washable, wash at 40°C using a gentle cycle.

Colour scheme

The colour of the fitted sheet greatly impacts the overall look of your bed. Cream, white, off white, and beige are most commonly used colours because leave a good look and look well with ever bedspread and bedding accessories. On the other hand, bold and dark-coloured fitted sheets although do not look well with all beddings but hide the stains well and reduce the washing frequency. So while choosing the sheets choose the colours wisely so that it creates an aesthetic appeal when put on.

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Thread count:

When choosing the fitted sheet for your small double bed, it is necessary to the thread count. Thread count refers to the softness and durability of the sheets. A higher thread count means that sheet will be more luxurious and durable.  The thread counts is usually written on the packing, or on the inside tag.