6 Ultimate Bedroom Must Haves

6 Ultimate Bedroom Must Haves

The bedroom is by far one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s where you rejuvenate, recharge and take the time to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So how can you create the ultimate retreat? Read on for our top six ultimate bedroom must haves.

A supportive mattress

On average we spend eight hours out of 24 sleeping. This means that it’s essential to treat your body to a premium quality mattress that offers superlative support and comfort. In the long term it will work wonders for your back and ensure that you enjoy a good night’s sleep. Enlisting the help of professional mattress retailers to help you choose the perfect model for your needs is always a good idea.

Ambient lighting

The bedroom should be a place to relax, unwind and destress. The best way to create a peaceful environment is to light up your boudoir with ambient lighting that’s soft and soothing. Adding several different elements is a great way to give yourself total flexibility over how bright or dim you’d like the space to be. For example, as well as a main overhead light complement the room with bedside lamps, standing shades and even a candle or two.

Black out curtains/blinds

Whether you want to enjoy a luxurious weekend sleep in or simply take a snooze in the late afternoon, black out curtains and blinds are essential. They give your body the chance to switch off and enter sleep mode, even when the sun’s shining!

Premium quality bedding

Luxury bed linen is the ultimate way to turn your bedroom into an indulgent retreat. High quality linen is essential for people with sensitive skin, with 100% cotton a great option.

Plush rugs or carpet

No one wants to step out of bed in the morning and find themselves on a freezing cold floor. If your bedroom is fitted out with hardwood floors take the time to invest in a rug or carpet to place next to your bed. Trust us, your tootsies will appreciate it on those chilly winter mornings!

Plush pillows

Giving your neck the right support is a critical part of facilitating good posture and healthy sleeping habits. Investing in quality pillows made from feathers, memory foam or other premium quality materials is always worthwhile.

 Incorporate these six elements into your bedroom and we pretty much guarantee that your lifestyle will drastically improve….but don’t hold us to that either 😉

Mattress Health

Mattress Health

Mattress health – why investing in a mattress is so important

On average, we spend a huge 227,468 hours of our lives sleeping. No wonder there’s so much fuss around purchasing the perfect mattress! To help you understand why it’s so important to snooze in style we’ve put together a list of why investing in a quality mattress should be at the top of your priority list.

Enjoying hygienic sleep

When mattresses are manufactured from cheap, low quality materials it leaves them vulnerable to penetration from bugs, dust mites and other nasties. By investing in a premium quality mattress you’ll be protecting your body from unwanted organisms that may set up shop in your bed alongside you.

Cost effectiveness

While it may seem like a smart money saving move to purchase a cheap mattress, in the long run you’ll only be costing yourself more cash. The reality is that low quality mattresses simply don’t last as long as their well-made counterparts meaning you’ll need to replace your mattress sooner. Not good for the environment, or your bank account.

Non toxic

When it comes to mattress health, not all products are created equal. In fact, some can be downright dangerous. With a huge 25% of the world’s pesticides used on cotton crops choosing organic or low pesticide materials is always a good bet. Many fibers also contain harmful VOCs which can be extremely dangerous when inhaled on a nightly basis. As well as being healthier for your body, choosing organic, natural mattresses is also better for the environment.

Steer away from coils

While coil mattresses may be cheaper they’re not always the healthiest option. The truth is that they act as an incubator for dust mites, mould, skin particles and mildew which can result in coil mattresses doubling their weight in just 10 years. Instead, solid foam mattresses are a much healthier choice.

Fire safety

Every mattress sold in the UK must adhere to national fire regulations. This includes containing enough fire retardant to withstand an open flame from a two foot wide blowtorch for 70 seconds. Ensuring that your mattress comes with the right level of fire safety certification is something that should never be overlooked.

Optimise blood flow

Optimised blood flow is crucial to a good night’s sleep. This means that you should take the time to track down a mattress that offers proper support and pressure relief in order to facilitate unrestricted blood flow through the body as you snooze. Memory foam is of course the best option as it moulds to your body to create the perfect level of support. If you are looking for a bed on a budget, there are lots of other good quality mattress options out there that won’t cost you the earth.

Ready to enjoy night after night of fantastic sleep that’s comfortable, supportive and healthy? Remember to call on over to us to find great quality bed sheets for your mattress right here

Cotton Thread Counts Explained

Cotton thread counts explained

As retailers of the finest gent friendly bed linen money can buy, we have an inherent appreciation for cotton thread counts. Of course, not everyone is as clued up as the team of bed loving amigos here at BroSheets so to help you out, we’ve put together a guide explaining everything you need to know about the all-important thread count, why it matters and what it means for the way you experience your bedroom.

Egyptian cotton

When it comes to all out luxury nothing beats Egyptian cotton. It’s ultra-fine and has the longest staple of all the threads which makes it downright terrific to the touch. It hails from the Nile River Valley and boasts a soft and supple weave.

Flannel sheets

Winter is coming lads and if you want to stay cosy in the depths of December, flannel sheets are your new best friend. Made from cotton, wool or synthetic fibres featuring loose knit stitching and a napped finish for a super sheet that’s soft, warm and amazingly affordable.

Pinpoint weaves

Pinpoint weaves sit at the higher end of the thread count scale which make them a great choice for gents that want to bring a little luxury to their bedrooms. They’re crafted with a two stitches over, one stich under technique which creates a soft texture that borders on sateen.

Pima cotton

Featuring a fine weave and extra-long staple, Pima cotton is trumped only in luxuriousness by its Egyptian counterpart. Crops are grown exclusively in the USA, Australia, Peru and just a handful of other global locations. Thanks to hand harvesting and serious attention to detail, Pima cotton is renowned for its eexceptional durability, sumptuous softness and brilliant lustre.

Cotton-polyester blend

If you’re after minimal creases and shrinkage cotton-polyester blend sheets are just the ticket. The material is created by using iindustrial weavers and looms to blend the two fibres. Ratios vary from 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester to a 50-50 mix. Plus, the addition of polyester means these types of sheets are extremely affordable for buyers on a budget.


As a plain weave crafted from both combed and carded cotton yarns, percale is lightweight and closely woven. If you love a smooth finish and a fresh, crisp feel percale is the thread type for you.

Now you’re educated in the sphere of cotton thread counts, why not head to the Brosheets store and shop a huge range of premium quality bed linen that’s guaranteed to make give your crib serious street cred.

Bedroom Feng Shui

Bedroom Feng Shui

Does your bedroom need some love and some Bedroom Feng Shui? Give it new lease of life Feng Shui style.

So it’s time to give your bedroom a tidy up is it? Actually don’t answer that. If you have read more than just the title, you have already admitted as much, but that’s half the battle.

A bachelor bedroom is the heart of a guy’s home; his cave, his den and his hideout. This of course just a metaphor so if your bedroom looks just like this makes it sound, than yep, you need to clean up and erm, dare we say it de-clutter.

Feng Shui is a well-established Chinese practice that dates back about 3000 years. Feng meaning water and shui meaning water, the idea is to bring balance, harmony and tranquillity into your life.


Your life is already full with enough electrical stress. Even though you might not be using something leaving it on is not healthy. A bedroom should be a place of rest and peacefulness. If you really can’t bare to remove the TV, then why not consider a TV cabinet – there are plenty of manly bachelor pad style ones to suit your décor. When you walk into your bedroom, you should be able to suit the rest of the world out. Out of sight and out of mind. It also makes the bedroom a more of a quiet, romantic and intimate space for when the time calls.

Exercise Equipment

Move this to the lounge, hallway, spare room or anywhere other than the bedroom. Unless you own a mansion, this will ultimately give you more room to move and keep the stress and pressure of needing to workout, out.


Ensure that the air in your room is moving. Open the windows regularly to let in some fresh air and invest in some relaxing scents. If candles don’t cut it for you, then how about a reed diffuser, air purifier or an automatic plug in.


Try where possible not to have your bed in line with the door as it is kind of an inauspicious position having your feet facing the exit and doesn’t do anything for privacy levels if someone happens to come in. Depending on the design of the room, try also not to place the bed right below the window. Energy is said to leave from doors and windows so will flow right over you and leave you feeling restless. The ideal position is having the bed diagonal to the door and approachable from both sides. If you your mattress is on the floor, you are disturbing the natural flow of energy, so its about time to invest in a proper bed.

Beds with drawers under better but the more you can free up space for energy to flow, the better. A headboard not only looks nice but it supports your pillow, head and personal energy helping you to feel energised when you wake.

Some nice looking linens along with a good mattress for a well-balanced will help you feel recharged. If you need a new set of drawers or a wardrobe door that isn’t hanging on its hinges, now is the time. Broken items are not positive for mind or body.

Declutter! Do not to use your bedroom for storage and limit the amount of furniture to ensure energy is free flowing. Feng Shui theory and practice also has it that mirrors in bedroom should not be placed in front of the bed, not only is it slightly disturbing if wake at night, mirrors direct energy and can reflect negative energy from stress.


The colours associated with Feng Shui span from white to a chocolate brown. If your walls are bright red you could be inhibiting yourself from establishing that natural tranquillity you are aiming for. Adding a pop of a colour associated with happiness and energy however, is not a bad thing. Be sure to make the colourful ‘adition’ a warm and welcome and not let it dominant the space. It is surprising how much colour can affect how we feel.

With regards to the walls, it is always makes it homely to add a little something. The best art work for a bedroom are zen ones that promote love, stability, health and healing. We are all for positivity and inspiration but your prized framed photo of your dream car would definitely be better in the hallway or living room. Be careful however, going too zen like – images of water in the bedroom are said to cause restfulness and even sorrow.

We also advise keeping work objects such as laptops, spreadsheets, marketing books or any reports strictly out. These belong in a study, kitchen table or dining room. If you wonder why you don’t sleep well or don’t feel revitalised in the morning, well it could be various things but if you keep your work within sight, it is not helping. It’s hard to not go to sleep with tomorrow’s agenda whirring around in your head.


Bright lights are not calming. Invest in some low level corner up lighting, chic bed side lamps or a dimmer switch to create a smoothing atmosphere that will aid in reducing those stress levels and induce sleep.

The idea is to create an environment which will strengthen and enhance your own energy levels to help you feel calm, refreshed and rejuvenated by encouraging the flow of positive energy. It doesn’t take much effort and is worth it in the end.

Do you practice Feng Shui? Do you have any good bedroom tips to share?