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Why Is and What Makes Cashmere the Best?

Why is and What Makes Cashmere the Best?

Cashmere is a wonderful material that is incredibly soft and comfortable both to wear and use to keep warm with things like blankets and scarves. It’s a widely used material that is completely natural and does not normally irritate the skin. It can be a little more expensive than most materials, but it’s long lasting and well worth the extra cost.

What is Cashmere?

It’s important to know what cashmere is before you buy it. It’s the down from goats, which many of them are able to produce. In order to be processed, the fibres must be as fine as possible, and the diameter must not exceed 18.5 microns as a general rule.

The softest cashmere comes from the underbelly and throat, and it can take around three fleeces to create just one sweater. We only use the finest cashmere from goats in Inner Mongolia, and it’s always 100% pure, never mixed. These goats are known for producing some of the best quality fibres in the world.

What Makes Cashmere the Best and Why?

Firstly, it’s incredibly durable and strong. It’s soft, comfortable, and completely natural – something that can be hard to find with so many synthetic materials out there. It produces a natural, light-weight insulation for your body but without the bulk, making it ideal to wear for a number of occasions as well as to use as a blanket when trying to keep warm in the winter. The great thing is, that the way this material works means that while it will keep you warm in the winter, it can also keep you cool in the summer. It’s the perfect material for year-round use as it is both insulated and breathable.

It’s possible to dye without taking away from its softness or durability. It also has a natural stretch to it for flexibility when wearing it or sleeping under a soft cashmere blanket. The wool itself is incredibly adaptable and can be woven into a vast number of styles, which is great for anyone who wants an item made from this brilliant wool. If cared for properly, a cashmere item can last you a lifetime with no issues. The best part is that it actually becomes softer with age and should never pill. Just remember to keep it clean to keep away the moths, and to always dry clean cashmere items, never put them in the washing machine.

Cashmere Items

Due to its soft feel and durable nature, there are quite a few items made from this amazing fibre. Popular items are things like cardigans and jumpers for formal wear, as well as soft and warm scarves for the winter. These look and feel thin and light-weight but they are actually incredibly well insulated, and can even be worn in the summer due to the breathable nature.

We create beautiful blankets and cashmere throws that are sure to leave you feeling enveloped in warmth. Cashmere is the best material for blankets not only because of its natural qualities but also due to its softness and insulating properties. You’ll never be cold again and we really pride ourselves on its fine quality. It may be a little more expensive but it will last a lifetime and save money in the long run.

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Cotton Thread Counts Explained

Cotton thread counts explained

As retailers of the finest gent friendly bed linen money can buy, we have an inherent appreciation for cotton thread counts. Of course, not everyone is as clued up as the team of bed loving amigos here at BroSheets so to help you out, we’ve put together a guide explaining everything you need to know about the all-important thread count, why it matters and what it means for the way you experience your bedroom.

Egyptian cotton

When it comes to all out luxury nothing beats Egyptian cotton. It’s ultra-fine and has the longest staple of all the threads which makes it downright terrific to the touch. It hails from the Nile River Valley and boasts a soft and supple weave.

Flannel sheets

Winter is coming lads and if you want to stay cosy in the depths of December, flannel sheets are your new best friend. Made from cotton, wool or synthetic fibres featuring loose knit stitching and a napped finish for a super sheet that’s soft, warm and amazingly affordable.

Pinpoint weaves

Pinpoint weaves sit at the higher end of the thread count scale which make them a great choice for gents that want to bring a little luxury to their bedrooms. They’re crafted with a two stitches over, one stich under technique which creates a soft texture that borders on sateen.

Pima cotton

Featuring a fine weave and extra-long staple, Pima cotton is trumped only in luxuriousness by its Egyptian counterpart. Crops are grown exclusively in the USA, Australia, Peru and just a handful of other global locations. Thanks to hand harvesting and serious attention to detail, Pima cotton is renowned for its eexceptional durability, sumptuous softness and brilliant lustre.

Cotton-polyester blend

If you’re after minimal creases and shrinkage cotton-polyester blend sheets are just the ticket. The material is created by using iindustrial weavers and looms to blend the two fibres. Ratios vary from 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester to a 50-50 mix. Plus, the addition of polyester means these types of sheets are extremely affordable for buyers on a budget.


As a plain weave crafted from both combed and carded cotton yarns, percale is lightweight and closely woven. If you love a smooth finish and a fresh, crisp feel percale is the thread type for you.

Now you’re educated in the sphere of cotton thread counts, why not head to the Brosheets store and shop a huge range of premium quality bed linen that’s guaranteed to make give your crib serious street cred.

Survey Reveal What the Irish Like to get up to in Bed.

Survey Reveal What the Irish Like to get up to in Bed.

We conducted a recent survey on some habit of Irish people in the bedroom.

Irish Central were one of the outlets kind enough to publish the results. You can read the article here

Brosheets become exclusive sellers of Hamilton & Hare


We here at Brosheets are delighted to announce that we have been chosen as an exclusive retailer in the Republic of Ireland of Hamilton & Hare underwear and loungewear products.

After much negotiation we are thrilled to bring these premium products to the Irish market place.

Hamilton and Hare1

About Hamilton & Hare

Hamilton and Hare set out to make the best underwear and loungewear around. Inspired by the original boxing short, worn in the ring to make prize fighters look and feel their best, their clothing is designed to do just that.

Designed in London and made using small-scale producers in England and Europe, quality and fit are top priority. The approach is to treat underwear and loungewear with the same attention to detail as outerwear.

Combining the finest cottons, jerseys and fleeces with modern tailoring expertise and a British understated flair, the range of versatile wardrobe essentials offers unprecedented comfort and style.

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