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Making Room For That Someone Special

Making room for that someone special

From dating to moving in calls for some serious celebration and…erm, some home cleaning and lifestyle changes. Yep, budge over, it’s not just you anymore. Inviting someone to share that place you territorially proud of is a big deal but if you really want them to feel welcome, you have to make some room for them. Not doing so will make them feel like they are imposing more than making you happy. They won’t feel like home no matter how hard they try and if you want them to be more than just a house guest for a weekend, you need to make a few little tweaks here or there.

Essential space

Whatever you haven’t worn it the past year, give to Charity. It’s time to do some cleaning out if you want to make room in your life for that special someone – male or female. Remember that is just a big a step to move into your space as it is to have them move in. Make them feel (no matter how scary it might be) that you really want this for both of you. Don’t just shove aside your clothes and give them a few spare clothes hangers, go halves with the wardrobe space or invest in a bigger wardrobe. Clean out the chest of drawers and ensure they have space for their things. Just because it’s your place, do you get the bigger share of everything. Newsflash – relationships don’t work like this. Make her/him conscious that this is your house and not theirs, you can expect to say goodbye as quickly as you said hello.

Bedside manners

If the bed is against the wall then this doesn’t really work but where you can, try to reassess the room with fresh eyes and see how you could possibly re-juggle the furniture. Just because you live together doesn’t mean you will always want to turn lights out at the same time, all the time. A bed table and bedside light each will help make the bedroom routine adjustments just that tad bit easier.

Bathroom etiquette

Providing room for hair products and gels in the shower caddy and cleaning out a side of the cabinet above the sink will go a long way in saying “I’m happy you are moving in with me”. Think about it this way, if you have guests over for dinner one night– would you want them to see your personal life strewn all over the bathroom? No, I didn’t think so and your other half doesn’t won’t want theirs on show either.

The Man Drawer

Women joke about it, men can’t live without it. Maybe you both need a drawer of your own or establish a communal one but any efforts made in keeping all the ‘one day I might need that’ items in a drawer rather than leaving them to take over the living room bookshelf, kitchen table, bedroom floor or the entire garage will definitely be much appreciated. If you are excessively messy – make the effort to say ‘I love you’ with some much needed containers.

Making A New Start

It’s new chapter for you both. Invest in some fresh linens and towels at least or if your bed needs it, a new mattress. It’s no longer about the memories you hold in your prized pad but the new ones you two will make together, be it in the bedroom or in the kitchen over a cup of coffee. Freshen up, tidy up and make space for your new arrival. Think of it this way; if you wouldn’t want to live in someone else’s used shoes, why would they!

It’s Not All About You Anymore!

Yes, it’s your place but her/his taste, style and choices matter just as much as yours and you need to accommodate them just as they will need to make their own adjustments for you. If there is something they just can’t live with, try where possible to establish a compromise and move it to a different location. If the walls need a new lease of life – don’t think about it, just do it. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed; in fact they are more likely to find it all rather touching.

Top tips to stop snoring

Top tips to stop snoring

Top Tips to stop snoring

Are you peacefully pushing up the zeds in deep slumber but are keeping your partner awake to find them sleep deprived and irritable in the morning? Do actually succeed in waking yourself up?

Sleeping Aids

First top is your local pharmacy. Speak to your pharmacist or local GP to find out what is on the market that could help. Snoring is often caused due to nasal congestion so alleviate the passageway to help you breath easier will be a good start. There are a range of non-instrusive style sleeping aids out there, that for the price of good nights sleep, are worth it.

Choose from nasal strips, chin straps, anti-snoring mouthpieces, congestion clearing vapours and sprays…you get our drift. It might be worth a bit of trail and error before you find the right one for you.

Weight and Diet

Even carrying extra weight such as a few pounds can cause you to snore..and loudly. Maintaining a good weight involved both a healthy diet and exercise even if it is just power walking around the nearest park or taking the dog for an extra leg stretch. The big question is, did you snore before you gained the extra weight? If not, it might be worth consulting a fitness trainer and/or nutritionalist and in the mean time, sleep on your side…it will help by ensuring nothing is squashing your airways.


Snoring could be just another indication it is time to quit. Nicotine irritates the lining of the throat and the nose that could be causing some inflammation, swelling and catarrh.


Ever noticed that you may snore more over a weekend? This could be due to that increased alcohol intake on a Friday and/or Saturday night. Alcholo makes the muscles at the back of the throat relax more and can cause you to snore. If you are drinking during the week too, you may want to reconsider and see if the snoring lessons or continues.

The alcohol is a big way for some of us at brosheets. Coming home from the pub after consuming too many pints results in us being directed immediately to the spare room…..which secretly we are delighted with:-). Then the freight train comes in the middle of the night…we end up sounding like this little guy



Stress and over tiredness

Late nights and less sleep from working late, young children up in the night, early morning starts and stress can cause you to become over tired. Overtiredness will simply end at some point with you hitting the sack exhausted. The tiredness will make you sleep deeper and harder. At this state of rest the muscles once again become floppier and make you snore.


Investing in some fresh plump pillows and maybe more of them could do the trick. Sleeping slightly higher helps to stop the muscles relaxing so much onto your airways. The side effect: a slightly sore neck and dull back ache from a bad sleeping position. If your pillows are of the limp kind, it doesn’t do any harm however, to splash out on some new ones and improve your comfort levels.

Visit your GP

If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to make a difference, it’s time for the GP. It could be that you have sinus or structural problems that need additional help. This could involve some minor surgery but don’t panic. Get all the answers and definitive solution scenarios you need first before you come to any kind of conclusion. It’s important to make informed decisions not rash ones.