Disruptive Business

The world of disruptive business.

When it comes to the world of business we’re suckers for innovation. Let’s be honest, what entrepreneur isn’t? The term’s been kicking around for over two decades but the use of the internet has elevated the concept to a whole new level. So what exactly does the term ‘disruptive business model’ mean? Read on for our bro-friendly explanation…

The basics.

Put simply, disruptive business models actively create new markets and value networks for themselves. The end goal is to eventually disrupt existing markets and value networks, thus shaking up current market conditions.

The term was coined by legendary Harvard Business School Professor Clayton M. Christensen back in 1995 and since then, it’s been making waves in the business sphere. Here’s an outline from the man himself:

“Generally, disruptive innovations were technologically straightforward, consisting of off-the-shelf components put together in a product architecture that was often simpler than prior approaches. They offered less of what customers in established markets wanted and so could rarely be initially employed there. They offered a different package of attributes valued only in emerging markets remote from, and unimportant to, the mainstream,” explains Christensen in his 1995 article titled Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave.

The internet shakes things up.

In general, disruptive businesses tend to be launched by outsiders armed with innovation, inspiration and a passion to push a new product or service. As we mentioned earlier, the internet has taken the concept to a whole new level.

So what entrepreneurs totally killed the concept of ‘disruptive’ models over the past few years? Wikipedia is a prime example, disrupting the market of traditional encyclopedias and replacing it with free, up-to-the-minute information available at the click of a mouse.

Personally, we consider Brosheets as a company that’s based on a ‘disruptive’ business model. By purchasing our on-trend inventory direct from the manufacturer we’re able to offer our customers unbeatable prices on a huge range of bedlinen that’s curated especially for gents. Once stock arrives we deliver to end users via our website that offers browsers access to a fully stocked bed linen store, at their fingertips. So what market are we disrupting? We like to consider our targets as bricks and mortar homewares stores that retail designer linen at extortionate prices.

After all, why waste cash on the tangible benefits of a physical store when you can shop online for all your bedroom needs. Whether you spend your savings on a night out at your local pub, spoiling your missus or slashing out on that essence watch you’ve had your eye on for months is up to you.