Hey All,

First of all thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check out our site. Brosheets has been in the works for some time now and we are finally able to set our launch date for this coming November 9th. We are working flat out to ensure all the elements of our offering are in place for this date.

Let me tell you how brosheets was conceived and a little bit about our mission. Upon examining the home textiles market in the UK & Ireland we found that the traditional supply chain model was alive and kicking and very few innovations or attempts at changing it have taken place in the last 20 years. The old ways of Manufacturer to Importer/Distributor to Wholesaler to Retailer was still the dominant model and this was practiced by all the leading players within this marketplace. On top of this you will also have Royalties and Licensing fees for the well know brands that you see in the majority of high street retailers. All these players and elements need to make money each time they get involved and this all contributes to the price you currently pay on the high street.

In addition to the bloated supply chain model we felt that there was no offering that catered to the modern man in the home textiles field. Our market research suggested that men don’t want to spend hours going to a traditonal department store and then have to spend their time looking at a myriad of styles and qualities. Lets face it, most blokes find shopping a pain, including me! Yet I still want to buy a really good product at a price that I know is fair. Whenever I shop I find a brand I like, I spend money on getting quality product and then stick to that brand because that is the easiest for me and ensures that I don’t have to visit the shops at all. Being able to buy my brand and size online is a dream result for people like me that HATE shopping!

We felt here at brosheets that we could do it differently, do it better and offer a premium product to our target audience at a price that reflected the elimination of the distributor, wholesaler, licensing fees and traditional brick and mortar costs. This is what is commonly referred to a “disrupting the marketplace” with a new approach to a traditional, old fashioned business model.

So our mission is simple, source direct from leading manufacturers around the globe, premium sleep gear  (to include lounge wear, sleep tech, mattresses and more) and sell direct to the end user via our website and a few carefully chosen online retailers that share our values.

Our first product will be  500 thread count, long staple, single ply 100% egyptian cotton duvet covers, fitted sheets and pillowcases. For those who haven’t a clue what I just said it means that these sheets are like sleeping on silk! They are luxurious and made to the highest standard. I personally visited the manufacturer in the middle east where they were made and know that their standards and ethics reflect the same values that we hold dear at brosheets.

I know our customers will like them and an very proud of this product and they price we can offer them to you at. This product would cost double if a leading brand was on the label and it went through the traditional supply chain model. Indeed we use the same manufacturer as these brands!

I could go on for ages about supply sources, our goals, target market etc. but I think you have had enough by now! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will take time to visit our shop and purchase from us…we feel passionate about our new approach to home textiles for men and hope you will share in our vision.

Thanks again.

Colm – Founder.