Ireland has a long history in textiles….a history unfortunately that has been lost to fast fashion and price pressures. Here at brosheets we want to re awaken some of that spirit by returning the design, dyeing, sewing and finishing of bed linen to these shores. We want to create products that are built on quality, make people sleep better and support a long forgotten industry.


We wanted to create a completely new experience. In order to do this we source our fabrics from leading mills across the globe where the collective knowledge of master weavers is harnessed to create magnificent fabrics from the best raw materials. This combination along with Irish endeavour make our products the best you can buy.

We passionately believe in quality over quantity. We inspect every single custom made piece…our way of assuring you receive delivery of a first class product.


We love the authenticity and uniqueness of garment dyeing our bed linen to order. This process involves cutting and sewing the fabric first whilst then proceeding to dye the finished products after they are fully made up.

The advantages to this include giving the bedding a more vintage look, and offering more colour choice. This dyeing process is not an exact science and shade variations can differ from +/- 10% from job to job. We don’t see this as a problem however….more of an advantage which adds to the uniqueness of the products. Each and every product that we dye in house will be different to anyone else’s….a fact that makes us smile!