Mattress Health

Mattress Health

Mattress health – why investing in a mattress is so important

On average, we spend a huge 227,468 hours of our lives sleeping. No wonder there’s so much fuss around purchasing the perfect mattress! To help you understand why it’s so important to snooze in style we’ve put together a list of why investing in a quality mattress should be at the top of your priority list.

Enjoying hygienic sleep

When mattresses are manufactured from cheap, low quality materials it leaves them vulnerable to penetration from bugs, dust mites and other nasties. By investing in a premium quality mattress you’ll be protecting your body from unwanted organisms that may set up shop in your bed alongside you.

Cost effectiveness

While it may seem like a smart money saving move to purchase a cheap mattress, in the long run you’ll only be costing yourself more cash. The reality is that low quality mattresses simply don’t last as long as their well-made counterparts meaning you’ll need to replace your mattress sooner. Not good for the environment, or your bank account.

Non toxic

When it comes to mattress health, not all products are created equal. In fact, some can be downright dangerous. With a huge 25% of the world’s pesticides used on cotton crops choosing organic or low pesticide materials is always a good bet. Many fibers also contain harmful VOCs which can be extremely dangerous when inhaled on a nightly basis. As well as being healthier for your body, choosing organic, natural mattresses is also better for the environment.

Steer away from coils

While coil mattresses may be cheaper they’re not always the healthiest option. The truth is that they act as an incubator for dust mites, mould, skin particles and mildew which can result in coil mattresses doubling their weight in just 10 years. Instead, solid foam mattresses are a much healthier choice.

Fire safety

Every mattress sold in the UK must adhere to national fire regulations. This includes containing enough fire retardant to withstand an open flame from a two foot wide blowtorch for 70 seconds. Ensuring that your mattress comes with the right level of fire safety certification is something that should never be overlooked.

Optimise blood flow

Optimised blood flow is crucial to a good night’s sleep. This means that you should take the time to track down a mattress that offers proper support and pressure relief in order to facilitate unrestricted blood flow through the body as you snooze. Memory foam is of course the best option as it moulds to your body to create the perfect level of support. If you are looking for a bed on a budget, there are lots of other good quality mattress options out there that won’t cost you the earth.

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