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Reasons Why Pencil Pleat Curtains are Trending

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Curtains are worthy to invest, from both style and economic point of view. Furnishing of a house is never complete without curtains because bare windows and doors do not look good and curtains add a beautiful drapery to them. They easily become the focal point of your place. There come various types of curtains, but pencil pleat curtains stand out, not only easy maintenance but also effortless styling perspective.

Pencil pleat curtains have a characteristic heading style. This heading is versatile allowing you to customize the width of curtains, as well as the heading, is compatible both with curtain’s poles and tracks complementing all windows. In this article, we have an insight look at the benefits of pencil pleat curtains along with some trending ideas. 


Pencil pleat curtains have a tape-like heading containing three cords that run horizontally through it. These cords are pulled together and tied to achieve the desired pleats. Plus, the heading has three different positions for hooks hanging allowing you to hang the curtains from the desired height. You can also choose the hanging material of your choice because pencil pleat curtains are compatible with both curtain tracks and rod. You can open the pleats depending on your personal preferences, interior, and trending styles. It is advisable to go for the precisely sized curtains to make sure that your curtains will give you the exact look you want.


Pencil pleat curtains are ideal for all windows tracks. They can be fitted on the track and rod, suit well to box, rectangular, and bay windows. Doesn’t matter which window style you have, either it requires a bunch of pleats & a lot of fabric or just little pleats and lightweight fabric? Pencil pleat curtains create a seamless finish and opulent appeal creating a uniformly pleated fall when gathered. They really add style to the place giving a sophisticated look overall.

Pencil pleat curtains come in a wide range of fabrics and colour schemes to choose from offering you to get many different looks. For those who love simple and minimal designs, plain matt pencil pleat curtains are the best go-to whereas those who love drama & textured look printed, bold, and patterned panels are present out there. So, pencil pleat curtains allow you to spice up your interior as per your requirements and taste.

Easy Layering 

Pencil pleat curtain’s characteristic heading style blends well with layering panels, blinds, and drapes. It is a great way to spruce up the windows giving them a discrete look. Pencil pleat curtains can be bi-layered or tri-layered depending on what you need. You can go for multiple fabric panels to increase the functionality of curtains, like sheer, heavy, and blackout panels are a good go-to keeping the sheet curtains face inside, heavy in the middle, and blackout panel in the back when it comes to layering up the windows curtains. This will allow you to reduce the amount of light, filter out excess noise, create a cosy feel when all the layers are opened, on the contrary with the sheer opened panel only you can get a chic country and airy feel.

Ever trending 

Pencil pleat curtains are evergreen and never get old fashioned. As many people think that pencil pleat curtains are old fashioned when it comes to comparing with the eyelet curtains. In eyelet curtains, many metal rings are sewn inside the curtains which are hung across the curtains rod. But there’s nothing like this. Pencil pleat curtains create a contemporary appeal whether they are hung in any house, modern apartments, or hotel room. 

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Classical feel

Pencil pleat curtains create seamless pleats which bring back the old classic feel. Bro sheets elaborate themselves and become the focal point of your place drawing people’s attention. When hung appropriately they create an effortlessly beautiful look.

One cannot say that Pencil pleat curtains really go out of trend, but there can be a rise and fall in the existing trends. These curtains look formal and go well with both contemporary and classical interiors creating a traditional look and blending well with the place.

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